The Bursary

The Thancoupie Bursary is a unique scholarship for study in the arts offered to Indigenous youth of the Western Cape York communities. It was the dream of a great Queensland Indigenous artist, Thancoupie (1937–2011).

The Bursary began with a modest sum left in Thancoupie’s will for a fund to promote and support emerging young Aboriginal artists and aspiring Aboriginal arts workers. Since early 2012, the Board of Directors has worked to raise further monies, establishing a Bursary that is hoped will be perpetual.

Ongoing fundraising is planned to enhance the Bursary’s viability, and as an entity registered for tax-deductible donations, Thancoupie’s Bursary Fund welcomes donations of cash. Other donations in the form of quality works of art for the purpose of auctioning for fundraising are welcomed through discussion with the Board of Directors.

Please visit the Donations page for an update on donation methods.